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Q: Do I need to use type 316 stainless steel in the new ACQ pressure treated wood?
A: No. Unless it is a seaside application, exposed to de-icing salts or high chlorine conditions.

Q: What kind of stainless can I use in pressure treated wood?
A: Any of the "300" types, such as; 302, 302HQ, 303, 304, 305 (18-8 types) or 316 (for salt water exposure)

Q: Why not use hot dipped galvanized fasteners in pressure treated wood?
A: Stainless steel fasteners will outlast the life of the wood. Even the highest quality hot dipped galvanized fasteners will corrode away and structurally fail where moisture is present.

Q: What is the difference between "18-8" (302HQ, 304, 305, etc.) stainless and 316 stainless?
A: Type 316 contains more nickel and also molybdenum. It is the molybdenum that provides excellent corrosion resistance in salt (high chloride) exposures.

Q: Why is type 316 stainless steel so much more expensive than the 18-8 types?
A: Because 316 contains molybednum and more nickel, both very expensive materials.

Q: Which is stronger, the 18-8 types or 316?
A: Type 316 is slightly stronger but the difference is negligible for most applications.

Q: Isn't all stainless steel non magnetic?
A: No. Type 410 stainless is magnetic. Also, small fasteners (brads, small screws, etc.) made of some of the 18-8 types of stainless steel may become slightly magnetic during manufacture. Types 305 and 316 have higher nickel content and do not become magnetic.

Q: What is 410 stainless steel?
A: It is a hardenable, low corrosion resistance stainless steel used mostly for self drilling/tapping screws for penetrating steel. It is used to make fasteners where strength and/or the ability to drill through mild steel are more important than high corrosion resistance.

Q: What is MARUTEX stainless?
A: It is a "Super" 410 type of stainless that has high corrosion resistance and the ability to produce self drill/tapping screws capable of penetrating mild steel. It is expensive relative to standard 410 because it contains molybdenum.

Q: Why are your decking screws offered only in square and star drive?
A: Because these drives are much more resistant to cam out than slotted or Phillips drive.

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